How to find your Target Market.

Finding your target market doesnt have to be hard.

Ever stare at your product and wonder, “who on earth would actually buy this?” Well, my friend, you’ve stumbled upon a problem bigger than a toddler with a glue gun at a craft store. That’s where your target market comes in, the glorious group of people who are destined to be your business BFFs.

But wait, you groan, doesn’t that involve boring spreadsheets and death by demographics? Nope! Not on my watch. Buckle up, because we’re about to discover your ideal customer with the thrill of a detective novel and the laughter of a bad reality TV show.

First, let’s ditch the jargon and play a game of “Who’s Most Likely To…” Become obsessed with your product? Is it a soccer mom who needs coffee like a fish needs water? Or a techie who can’t resist the latest gadget?

Spend all their money on your service? Are we talking about a celebrity who needs their mansion fumigated weekly? Or a college student desperate for a decent haircut that doesn’t involve ramen noodles? By picturing your ideal customer, you’ll unearth gold nuggets of information. Where do they hang out (online or in real life)? What are their deepest desires (and how can your product fulfill them)?

Warning: This might involve creeping on their social media (but hey, it’s market research!).

Next, let’s talk about pain points, because everyone has them (except for those annoyingly perfect people on Instagram). What struggle does your product solve? Are you the knight in shining armor rescuing them from a dragon of a problem? Remember, you’re not just selling a thing, you’re offering a solution.

Now, let’s forget about boring old trends and focus on the juicy gossip. What’s hot in your industry? Are people ditching boring beiges for sassy chartreuse? Is the world suddenly obsessed with juggling flaming chainsaws (not recommended)?

By staying on top of trends, you can make sure your product isn’t yesterday’s news. Finally, let’s craft a hilarious identity for your ideal customer. We’re talking full-on CSI Miami detective board with photos and red yarn connecting everything.

Give them a name (Brenda the Busy Bee Baker or Chad the Crypto King), a backstory (loves polka dots and hates Mondays), and a burning desire for your product (because it will solve all their problems and make their life a glorious disco ball party). By the time you’re done, you’ll know your target market better than your BFF’s embarrassing middle name. And guess what? This is way more fun than staring at a spreadsheet!

So, download our FREE Target Market Worksheet (it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure for business BFFs) and get started on finding your perfect customer.

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Remember, a business without a target market is like a boat without a rudder…lost at sea, possibly eaten by a giant squid.
Don’t be that boat.