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Understanding your customer journey is critical to business growth. At Avenity Business Solutions, conveniently located in Montgomery, Texas, we provide businesses, consultants, and agencies with the tools they need to generate more sales.

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Effortlessly Get Started – Request a Customer Journey Audit.

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What we do:

At Avenity we empower businesses to thrive, while doing more with less. We deliver a win-win environment for both businesses and their customers through internal process development and data-driven marketing optimization. We help businesses unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable growth.

Our Services:

Customer Journey Audits:

Gain a comprehensive analysis of your client’s customer journey, pinpointing strengths, weaknesses, and hidden opportunities for improvement.

Secret Shopping:

Have a physical location? Let our team find where your customer experience can be improved. Receive unbiased insights into your customer interactions, identifying areas for sales training improvement and optimizing conversion rates generating more sales.

All in one Business App:

Analyze and review your business performance, targeting areas that need optimizing to achieve your revenue goals.

Digital Marketing:

Supercharge your client’s online presence and attract new customers with our comprehensive digital marketing services:

  • Website Optimization: Ensure your website is user-friendly, visually appealing, and optimized for search engines, converting visitors into leads.

  • Social Media Management: Leverage the power of social media to connect with your target audience, build brand awareness, and generate leads.

  • Reputation Management: Proactively manage your online reputation, automating positive responses, addressing negative reviews and fostering positive customer sentiment.
  • Email Marketing: Craft compelling email campaigns to nurture leads, drive sales, and build customer loyalty.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Improve your website ranking in search results, ensuring potential customers can easily find them online to ensure you generate more sales.
  • Media Publication: Media room placements on and off site in relevant publications and online outlets, boosting brand credibility, creating valuable backlinks and super charging your business reach.
  • Search Engine Marketing: Increase website traffic and brand visibility through strategic digital advertising campaigns across various search engines and platforms.

The Avenity Advantage:

Quantifiable Results:

Increase customer satisfaction, improve conversion, and reduce churn.

Data-Driven Decisions:

Our services provide actionable insights backed by data, empowering you to make informed recommendations.

Enhanced Client Value Proposition:

Expand your service offerings and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Client Testimonial

“Avenity has done such a great job getting us on the map! Our phones always ringing!” Arnette Easley, Easley Enterprises of TX.

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Why Partner with Avenity Business Solutions?  

Boost your credibility, Increase customer retention, generate more sales and streamline your workflow.

The Customer Journey Audit Checklist

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Download our FREE checklist to learn the key touchpoints you need to evaluate in your customer journey. 

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Avenity Business Solutions – Transforming Customer Journeys, and Driving Growth.

Digital Advertising

Do they know who you are?

Your online presence is your digital sales team. Create content that enhances your brand. More qualified leads mean more customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Will you be their first choice?

Are you on the first page of Google? If you’re not, you’re missing out. Increase your ranking in the map pack with SEO services.

Listings Management

Where can they find you?

Affordable business listing services for your business. We make sure you own your listings and are listed on over 60+ listing sites.

Reputation Management

Are you trusted?

Customer reviews are necessary to be successful.  Reputation monitoring is key, manage your reviews across multiple platforms to ensure your trustworthy score is high.

Social Media Management

Do they know who you are?

You need a content strategy that will keep your audience engaged & Keep you on your clients mind daily.


Will visitors convert?

Do you have an effective call to action? Is your website informative? ADA Compliant? Our team will provide you with hosting and maintenance and ensure it is compliant.

Customer Journey Audit

Want to See How Your Business is Really Performing?  

Our Customer Journey Audit will provide you with valuable insights on how your business looks online to your clients. 

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Google Reviews

Andrea K
Andrea K
They improved my listing scores by 350%! Not to mention automated my review request processes, and took over social for me! Avenity Mercantile is saving my business so much time and now my phones are ringing!!
Natasha Elliott
Natasha Elliott
I love working with Andrea! She's not only incredibly knowledgeable and quick with her work, but also a joy to collaborate with. She has helped me build a plan that fits my budget and aligns perfectly with my business goals. Her support has been invaluable, especially during our last project, which was a huge success thanks to her insights. Thank you, Andrea, for everything you do—you’re truly a blessing!
Bevin Caramello
Bevin Caramello
We have been very impressed with the finished products Avenity produces for us! From marketing materials, to social media, even a complete website overhaul... Avenity has done a fantastic job! They are great with communication, keeping us in the loop and informed throughout every stage of the process and they get the job done on time. I highly recommend this company for your marketing needs.
CIC Commitee
CIC Commitee
Avenity was extremely helpful with our Gala Fundraiser and getting attendees, and spreading the word. We raised the most yet!
Admin MCA
Admin MCA
We are now on the map! Before no one really knew about our school, now we are listed everywhere and our phones ring alot!!
Carly O'Quinn
Carly O'Quinn
Andrea comes to the table with lots of experience, ideas, and guidance for how to get the word out about your business!
Trinity Kieschnick
Trinity Kieschnick
Will be a forever client. Call Avenity Mercantile for all your digital marketing needs! They optimized our google listing and did our SEO, we are on page 1!
Jeremy de los Santos
Jeremy de los Santos
Andrea did a great job of explaining how marketing is best applied for small and even large business. The principles and techniques she uses and emphasizes will allow businesses to MAXIMIZE their advertising efforts and $$$$$!